Our Mission

We'll start by saying that Chubby Organics is a Nut Butter and Jam (NB&J) company reimagining your favorite sandwich (we think you know the one). Our mission is to organically and sustainably create mouthwatering combinations of NB&J's without cutting any corners (other than the crusts… more on that later) while striving to eliminate ANY Food Waste throughout the production process (Oh yeah!).

PB&J's were an everyday staple during our childhood. Whether it was breakfast, lunch, dinner or an on-the-go snack, we were getting our daily nutrition through this iconic American favorite. Chubby Organics is now reinventing the one sandwich that breaks the norms of when certain foods should be eaten throughout the day.

Chubby Organics invites adults and kids alike into our world of NB&Js to enjoy our sandwiches, spreads, and protein bites. Our products not only boast nutritional macros rivaling many of your favorite protein bars, but also promote a healthy take on one of your favorite past times.

Unlike traditional PB&Js, Chubby Organics Superfood NB&Js are packed with REAL INGREDIENTS ONLY!. We do not add any fillers, preservatives, or artificial ingredients to our products. As we like to put it, NO JUNK.

Our sandwiches are made daily here in Los Angeles and will stay fresh for up to 45 days in the refrigerator! If you’re on the go, no worries, they’ll stay good for a few days at room temp too. We personally think they’re best eaten fresh, but if you want to freeze them they’ll last you 90 days!

What’s inside:

7 whole-food ingredients (we count our bread partner as 1 ingredient to avoid confusion, however we know more goes into bread. If you’d like to see those ingredients, click here). 

Just to reiterate, we do not add any of the following ingredients to our products: Pectin, Artificial Sweeteners, Preservatives, or GMOs. Remember, NO JUNK.


Transparency. Trust. Loyalty. Good-for-you. Good-for-the-environment.

If we wouldn’t eat them, why should you! At Chubby Organics, our best asset is the ability to produce freshly packaged, refrigerated NB&Js and deliver them to you in a timely manner without having to pump them full of additives & preservatives. Instead, we work diligently on our recipes and packaging to ensure we can provide long lasting freshness without sacrificing integrity.

Did you mention something about Zero Food Waste? 

Yes, you absolutely read that correctly. 

If you are unfamiliar with the/our concept of Reimagined Crusts, feel free to check out what that’s all about HERE (Link). After consistently being asked by our customers , “What do you do with all of the crusts after you produce your sandwiches?”, we came up with a solution, which ultimately changed the course of our business and mission. In most cases, it’s enough for a company to provide healthy and transparent products, but we knew we had the ability to take that a step further, which is why we challenged ourselves to become a ZERO Food Waste Company. Although we are still learning and don’t know what that fully means for us just YET, (which is why we aren’t setting a date), we figured the best place to start would be with our own food waste. Our promise to YOU is to eliminate the disposition of our food waste into landfills and vow to look for every opportunity to become a fully, 100%, ZERO Waste company in the near future. We are incredibly excited about this challenge and look forward to keeping our customers updated every step of the way!

So what do you think, are you ready to give us taste?